Saturday, November 13, 2021

Lily Grace Discovers the Pilgrims

Good Morning all my wonderful friends in "Bloggyland"!  Mommie looked at my posts and said it's been almost a whole month since I wrote anything, and she was afraid people would forget all about me if I don't write something soon! Of course, I've been very busy behind the scenes this past month, helping with Mommie having surgery and having to recuperate, and then there was Halloween and I helped her with the "trick or treaters", , and then we had that Blustery day last week, and even though you didn't see me, I was helping Mommie bake cookies and hobo stew and I've been pretty busy, but you just didn't know it!

So when I woke up this morning I saw some things I had never seen before and I wanted to tell you all about them.

Something new had been added to our fall decorations!  I was looking for my friend the Scarecrow and the Jack o' Lantern to say good morning to them like I usually do when I wake up, but they weren't there! Instead I found these two people standing there holding turkeys and pumpkins and vegetables, and they are wearing funny hats and clothes, and I asked Mommie, "Who are these people, and where is my friend Scarecrow and Mr. Jack O' Lantern?"

So Mommie explained, "Mr. Scarecrow and Mr. Jack o' Lantern have gone away until next year because Halloween is over, and that is their special time to come out and visit with us.  But on their way to their home for the winter, they passed these folks on the road and told them the way to our house, where they would be well taken care of and be very happy for this season of Thanksgiving."

But I was still so confused, because I don't know anything about these people. Who are they? And where did they come from?

So Mommie told me all about the "Pilgrims" and how they came here to America over 400 years ago! Wow! That's a LONG time ago!  Mommie said that way back in the year 1620 a large group of people called "Puritans", or the Pilgrims, got on a big ship in England called "The Mayflower", and sailed way across the sea to America so that they could practice their faith in God the way they wanted to without the King of England telling them they had to do it his way.  They were very devout Christians who wanted to have a better place to live and worship God and live in freedom.
So they arrived in America at the beginning of winter, and many had been sick on their long journey across the sea. Some had even died.  And when they finally got to the land of America,  
they had to start completely over with nothing.
They had to build their own houses and find food and try to stay warm, and it was a very difficult time.
But they had a lot of faith in God, and they prayed to God and He helped them.

There were some kind Native American people there who actually helped them find food and showed them how to grow their own food.

And the Pilgrims were so thankful to God for how He had helped them that they wanted to have a great feast to celebrate. And so, one year after the Pilgrims had landed in America, those who had survived the first year gathered together with their families and the kind native American people who had helped them so much, and they had a great feast.
And that was called the first "Thanksgiving".

"We Gather Together"
(This is a song we sing at church on Thanksgiving)

I was SO excited to hear this story and to see all these thankful people, the Pilgrims and their friends.
I am happy that now we celebrate Thanksgiving every year in memory of that first special day,
and to also thank God for all our blessings that He has given to us so abundantly.

Mommie says Thanksgiving day is a wonderful time of eating lots of good food, like turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes and cranberries and pumpkin pies, and Oh My! So many wonderful things I can't wait!!  But most of all to stop and tell God how thankful we are for all His blessings.

This will be my very first Thanksgiving, and I am very very thankful that God sent me here to live with Mommie and Daddy and all my family. And that He showed me how to write these special stories to share with you, my friends in Bloggyland!

I hope that you and your family will have a very Happy Thanksgiving too!

Oh, here's another special song that Mommie says we will sing on Thanksgiving Day:

Come Ye Thankful People Come

I hope you enjoyed this little story, and that it has helped prepare your heart for Thanksgiving too!
I'm so happy I got to learn about the Pilgrims today, aren't you?

Bye bye for now!
Lily Grace


  1. Lily Grace----those Pilgreen ("PILGRIM!!" hollers Tansy from the other room LOL) people have LANDED HERE TOO!!! They are all up on the mantel!!! My Mommy told me the EXACT SAME story!!!--- about the big boat!! ("MAYFLOWER SHIP!!" hollers Tansy). I can't wait to eat turkey and stuffing and smashed " taters". Love, Tracie

    1. OH, Tracie!! You have PILGRIMS too? At YOUR house? Did they come on the same boat, do you think? I wonder how they got to your house and to my house too from that big old boat? Maybe the boat stopped in different places? I don't know, but I sure am glad they came and also I sure am glad I'll get some of that turkey and stuffing and smashed taters and sweet taters too!! And punkin pie!!! With lots of whipped cream! I bet the Pilgrims didn't have whipped cream, what do you think? Oh, I am so happy you know all about the Pilgrims too! We have SO MUCH to BE THANKFUL FOR, don't we, Tracie??? I love you and am so happy you wrote. I've missed you. Bye for now. Love, Lily Grace xoxoxoxo

  2. Oh, Miss Lily Grace, I'm so happy that your Mommie told you all about the brave pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite stories, too, and such an inspiration because of their absolute faith in God and His goodness. I do hope you have a marvelous Thanksgiving with your new family, little one!

    1. Oh, Miss Martha Jane, I am so glad you stopped in for a visit. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your sweet little grand-girls! Maybe you can tell them this story too! Yes, it is amazing how God protected those Pilgrims and helped them to begin a new life here in America, where they could exercise their faith in God and live in freedom to do so. We owe them a great deal of thanks for their faith and trust in God! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Welcome to Thanksgiving, Lily Grace! Thank you for the music! I enjoyed it so much!

    1. Oh Miss Barbara, I am so glad you stopped in for a visit today. I am glad you enjoyed the special music too. My mommie tells me that you have a Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim just like ours! It would be fun to get them together sometime so they could talk about their adventures in the New World after they came over on the Mayflower. I bet they were friends back then and would have a lot to talk about!! I hope you have a blessed and very special Thanksgiving with your family gathered together. Mommie says to tell you we will be thinking about you especially at this time and sending you many (((hugs))). Love, Lily Grace xoxoxxox

  4. Lily Grace, you sure have interesting friends (grinning). Thank you Ms. Lily Grace for the many smiles.

    1. Thank you, Miss Linda! I DO have some interesting friends! There is always someone new to meet in every new season! I am really happy to meet the Pilgrims! Just think, we probably wouldn't be here in America if the pilgrims had never come here! I'm so glad they made that long trip and that they especially learned how to make pumpkin pies! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Miss Linda! Love, Lily Grace xoxoxoxo

  5. Good evening, Lily Grace. What a wonderful history lesson your mommy imparted! Don't you agree, she would make a wonderful children's author. Your new pilgrim friends look quite at home ... do they have names yet? Thanksgiving 2021 is going to be so wonderful!

    1. Why, Thank you, Miss Myra!! I'm so happy you stopped by for a visit. Yes, I enjoyed the history lesson so much. I'm so glad the Pilgrims came to America and learned how to survive here and also that the kind Native American people helped them so much that first year. If they had not come here, I wonder if any of us would be here either? My mommie said to thank you for the kind words about her being a children's author. She said she never really gave it much thought before, but maybe she should think about it. She said maybe I could be her special character that she writes about, and tell about my adventures. That might make a fun book! Thank you for your good idea. Oh, I never asked if the Pilgrims had names! I must ask Mommie about that, or maybe she will let me name them. We will have to talk about that. Yes, I can't wait until Thanksgiving. I know I'm going to LOVE IT! I hope you and your Mr. Tom are doing okay. Mommie said we should be praying for him. I hope he's feeling better. Please tell him I'm praying, okay? Love, Lily Grace xoxoxoxoxo

  6. Lily Grace: Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Thanksgiving. Is your mommy aware that during the first winter, those Pilgrims had very little to eat? Each day they were given a ration of FIVE GRAINS OF CORN? They were not prepared for what they had to face in the New World? I trust you will enjoy your first Thanksgiving with your family. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  7. Wow, Miss Quiet Spirit! No, My Mommie did not realize the Pilgrims only had 5 grains of corn to live on each day. That must have been very very hard. It is a miracle any of them survived at all! Only God could have done that, don't you think, Ms. Quiet Spirit? No wonder they were so happy to be able to celebrate that first Thanksgiving! It makes it all seem so much more important to us now. Peace and blessings to you too, and Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Lily Grace xoxoxoxox

  8. So nice to see you, Lily Grace! I know you have been helping your Mommie because she had that big operation and her neck still needs to keep healing, so keep helping her and telling her to rest! I love the pretty decorations in your house. Your Mommie has some really lovely Thanksgiving pieces! Truly we are blessed in this great country.

    1. Oh Hello Miss Holly!!Thank you so much for visiting!! I always love to hear from you! And Yes, I have been a good helper for my Mommie. She is getting so much better...all her little tiny bandages (steri-strips) finally came off of her incision, and now she feels like a real person again instead of a "Mrs. Frankenstein". but yes, she does still rest a lot because for some reason she just wants to take a nap every day. I am glad that you like our Thanksgiving decorations. I am so excited to see what Thanksgiving is really all about! And I can't wait to eat some turkey and pumpkin pie!! yes we ARE blessed in this great country. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!! Love, Lily Grace xoxoxoxoxo


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