Thursday, June 10, 2021

Lily Grace Lets Her Light Shine Too!

Oh my dear friends! I had quite the adventure yesterday!  But, first, Mommie wants to apologize for not communicating yesterday because our WiFi was down all day! That meant no computer, no TV, and no blogging! So now she is way behind in visiting with you all and many other things so please forgive if she doesn't get around to visit right away!

Now, that being said, we want to tell you what we DID do yesterday that was so exciting for me!
I got to go to the UMW meeting with Mommie!  For those of you who do not know what the UMW  meeting is, it's the ladies group called "United Methodist Women" at our church.

Mommie was co-hosting with another lady, and so she had to be there early to take food and to set up for the luncheon part of the meeting.  She said since she was the co-hostess, she needed my help too, so I got to go along and help!!  Mommie was providing a fruit platter, and since it's also summertime, she was decorating with a summery fruity theme. 

But before we could eat, we had a meeting, and Mommie introduced me to all the ladies. There I am sitting in the middle of the table.

I asked if I could lead them in a little song, and the ladies were all so nice and happy to join in with me.
We sang "This Little Light of Mine".  If you read Mommie's post the other day, you know she already had this song on her mind, and so she taught it to me...the way she remembers it from her childhood.

Here is a video of all of the nice UMW ladies joining in as we sang it and put up our fingers to be the little light we are shining while we sing.  I hope you can watch this video below. Mommie apologizes for it because half way through the song she laid down her phone and forgot it was still recording, so you see a blank screen for a while but we are still singing. She didn't record the whole song, but you will get the idea that we were enjoying singing it together:

Here I am, letting my little light shine 'til Jesus comes!

Then we started the meeting with a prayer and we all recited the "Purpose" of the United Methodist Women.

Mostly the ladies talked about the needs of different people and groups in the church and community that we can help out with. They take up an offering that helps with special projects that we support.
We pray for the ones who are not feeling well or who have other problems.  The ladies are very friendly and loving and care about each other. I liked that.

One lady also read to us the Meaning Behind the 13 Folds of the United States Flag, in honor of Flag Day, which is June 14th.  You may enjoy reading that too, as it has a lot of special meaning both in a spiritual sense as well as patriotic. For example, here is what it says for the 13th fold:
"The last fold, when the flag is completely folded, the stars are uppermost, reminding us of our national motto, “In God We Trust.”'

That reminded me that we have a folded flag in a special case that my big brother Benton made for it. This flag was given to my Daddy's mother "Nanny Steiner", at the funeral of her husband, "Granddaddy Steiner". That is a picture of him above when he was in the Army in WWII.  Thankfully he lived through the war and lived to be 78 years old before he died.  I never got to meet him or Nanny Steiner, but I know my Daddy and Mommie and everyone loved them both very much.

Then after our meeting we got to eat the good food that Mommie and the other hostess brought for our lunch.  Mommie says that all the ladies take turns at being the hostess so no one person has to do it all the time.  
We had yummy little ham sandwiches and chips

Here some of the ladies are helping themselves to the fruit platters that Mommie brought:

Mommie didn't bake that beautiful carrot cake. The other hostess, "Miss Paula",  brought that and it was sure good! It is her own secret recipe and she doesn't share it with anyone!  But she likes to bring it to our special church dinners and UMW:
It is always a big hit, and the ladies beg her to bring it every time, but she said then it wouldn't be so special if they had it every time!

So that was our exciting adventure! It was so much fun to feel like a real "lady" attending a special meeting with all the other ladies! I hope I can go again sometime.

When we got home is when we found out that the internet was down, and so we couldn't watch anything on TV or do anything on the computer. So Mommie and Daddy decided to read a little book together.

It's called "Life in Elizabethan Days", and it is very old, but it's a little book Mommie found in a discard pile at a library years and years ago when she worked at a school library, and she brought it home because Daddy loves to read about old English history, especially during Queen Elizabeth I 's reign.

This book follows the fictional "Sir Walter Hollydean" and his family, and tells all about how they lived in the late 1500's-early 1600's. It's very interesting if you like to read historical stuff, and it has been a long time since they read it together so they thought yesterday would be a good time to try again.
Mommie reads it out loud and Daddy listens...and I listened too. It was kind of interesting. I am happy we don't have to live like they did, however.  They had to have lots and lots of servants to help them do everything!!!
Now that the internet is back up again I don't know if they will keep reading it or not. I just heard Daddy tell Mommie that he would like to spend a little time each day reading a couple of I guess they will!
We also took a ride to check on Auntie Pamela's house because she goes up north for the summer. She has lots of blueberries ripening now and she said we could have them:

So we may have to go back over with a bucket in a few days and pick them! Yummy!

Okie dokie, my friends...that's about it. I hope you enjoyed this little post! Oh, the ladies of the UMW made me an honorary member!! Isn't that exciting?

Remember, be sure to let your light shine 'til Jesus comes!!!  


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Lily Makes a New Friend and The Bluebirds Fly Away!

Well, Today has certainly been a very special day!! So much is happening, I don't know what to tell you about first! 
So we will start with the story of "The Little Engine That Could".  If you read Mommie's blog post yesterday "The Best", you know that we read this special little book to my little friends.  

And so today, Mommie and Daddy had a surprise for me.  We went to the park in our little town where there is a very special little train, just for little children like me! It's called the "Interlachen Express". I was so excited to get to go and play on the little blue engine and pretend I was on the "Little Engine That Could"...."I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."

I was having so much fun playing on this little engine, that I never saw or heard a little girl come around to say hello.

But all of a sudden there was this sweet little girl and she had a special friend with her:

She was very friendly and wanted to know my name and if I could play with her and her friend, "Frozen".

She said her name was "Isabella', and she was very proud of her little friend "Frozen", but she said we couldn't touch Frozen because she had special powers and if we touched her it would take her powers away.  But she was so nice, and she actually did let me touch her dolly.

We had such a nice time, and Isabella wanted to know if I could come back and play with her again sometime. She said she is out of school now and likes to come to the playground.

Mommie took our picture on the little train engine.  When Mommie said, "smile", we all smiled as big as we could!  I was so happy to meet Isabella and her friend Frozen. I do hope we can meet again someday and play.

Before we left the playground I wanted to get on the big sliding board, so here I am.  I wonder if Isabella ever gets on the big sliding board? Maybe not yet, because she is a little girl, but maybe someday she and I could slide down together. That would be so much fun!

So that was my very special adventure this morning...but wait, there's still more!

Oh, before I forget, Mommie wanted me to show you what came in the mail for her as a surprise the other day:
Our friend Auntie Pamela has gone back up north for the summer, but she said she saw on one of my posts that Mommie's "One Word" for this year is "Believe".

And so she found this pretty lapel pin online and wanted to send it to Mommie.  Isn't it beautiful?
Mommie said that even though it says it is a "Christmas" pin, Mommie thinks it is something to wear anytime.  It is very very special, and we thank Auntie Pamela for being so thoughtful. 
I believe God wanted her to send it to us, don't you?

And now for the rest of our morning's surprises and adventures:
On our way to the park we stopped by my big brother Benton's house to say hi to him and to Sugar and Spice.  They were so happy to see me:

And I wanted to see something extra special they have at their house right now. They had put a see through bird feeder on their front window where they could watch the birdies come and eat. But instead, a Wren decided to build her nest in there, and now there are baby birds in the nest!! How cool is that? They can actually watch them from inside the house!

If you look very closely, you can see a little head popping up in the nest. There are four tiny baby birds in there!  That is so exciting!

But there's more exciting news than that! Mommie says to hang on to your hat, because there are a lot of pictures and action in these next photos:

Today is the day our baby Bluebirds have decided to leave the nest and fly away!!

We noticed this fella sticking his head out further and further...

Then Mama Bluebird came and gave him something to eat and tried to encourage him to come on out...

Then Daddy came with a juicy grasshopper...look at that big mouth open wide!

Maybe he just teased him with it to get him to come outside, because he looks kind of grumpy below, like, "Hey! Where'd you go with that grasshopper? I'm hungry!!"

"Hmmmph! That's a fine how do you do! I'm getting my feathers all in a ruffle over this treatment!"

"Well, Maybe I just need to stick my head out a little more and see what it's like out here in the big world!"

"Hey! It's pretty neat out here!  And look at those big trees up there! Wow! Maybe I should take a leap of faith and try to fly!" "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."

"Look out world, here I come!!"

And with that he gave himself a push and he flew up on our porch roof, and then Mama and Daddy Bluebird coaxed him over to the tree...not sure where he is, but they were making lots of noises cheering him on...
("I thought I could, I thought I could, I thought I could...")

Not sure who this is, if it is the baby or mama...

"Hey! Wait a minute!! What about ME????"  "Don't Forget about ME!!!!"

And soon we saw #2 bird fly away too to join the rest of them.  We know there were at least 3 birds in the nest, but we didn't get to see all of them leave.  I think they are all out now, because Mama and Daddy aren't bringing anymore food for them.

This picture above show Mama with a mouth full of grasshopper, and a Tufted Titmouse sitting there on the gutter too, (Not sure where he came from)  but one of the baby bluebirds is up on the roof looking around at his new world.

And thus begins the new journey for our Baby Bluebirds....flying bravely into their new world of adventure!  I hope they stay around a while so we can see them , but Mommie says they may soon fly off to other places to join the rest of the flock.  We will wait and see what happens next.

It sure was fun watching them. I am SO happy we got to see at least two of them fly out of the birdhouse. 

Wasn't this a great day for adventure?  

I BELIEVE God wanted us to have this special adventure day today, don't you?

And I am so happy I made a new little friend, Isabella and her dolly Frozen.

I am very thankful to God for these special blessings today. 

This comes from the little devotional book that Auntie Opal gave to Mommie and me called 
"Choose Grace".  Mommie said she thinks it goes along very well with what we are talking about today.
I believe she is right, don't you?

Have a Happy Day, my friends!
God has many wonderful things yet in store for us!

Bye bye for now.
Lily Grace


Friday, May 21, 2021

Lily Grace Has a Good Good Day!

Today I got to go with Mommie to my brother Benton and "Auntie Rose's" special store, "Dixie Cottage".   We spent the day there so we could help them greet people and sell things. It was a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from the day, so you can see I was busy and being a good helper.

When they showed us how to ring up a customer's purchase in the computer, at first we were nervous. But then Mommie got the hang of it and soon it was easy as pie.  She said we should not be afraid to try new things...we should "Be Afraid NOT to try!" 

Here are some pictures of some of the new items they have in the store that I liked:
This special "server" could make a wonderful coffee and tea bar, don't you think?

Even though their store is mostly for people who have beach homes or condos, they like things like big farmhouse tables too:

And this beautiful china cabinet/hutch makes a great place to store dishes and pretty stuff:

I really loved this pretty little desk, and wish I could have one for my very own! It would be a nice place to sit and write my blog posts to you!

I found these cute for an "after school snack", and another that says "Safety 1st,  Drink with a nurse!"  Ha Ha! I guess that would make a funny gift for a nurse!

They have some other nice coffee or tea mugs that would make great gifts. I think Mommie would like one of these, especially the one that says "Believe" on it, since that is her "One Word" for this year!

Or one of these, with a special little pocket for her tea bag!

Or any of these, with nice Bible Verses on them:

Or even one of these, because they are "feathered and fabulous"!  

Now, this was something we all loved...this pretty bench:

You know why I loved it?  You can open up the seat and there is a hidden compartment underneath! I could hide all my treasures in there and no one would ever find them!!! You won't tell, will you? It will be our secret!

This is a pretty tall dresser for a bedroom. I like the American Flag on top, don't you?
And I like those feathered pillows down there too.

I found a mermaid!!! Isn't she beautiful?  I wish I could be a mermaid too! It would be so much fun to swim and swim and swim!!

I also found this tiny little bicycle! It might be a little too small for me, however! But it might fit my friend Barbie!

Here's a nice gift idea: A wooden spoon rolled up in a dish towel! I like the little seahorse on the spoon!

Now Mr. Toucan said that's a whale of a tail!!

When all else fails, PRAY!! Mommie said, "Pray First"...don't wait for "all else to fail"!

I think Dixie Cottage is "My Happy Place"....well, actually, I like being home that would be a nice sign to hang on the wall here at home, don't you think?

Hey Lookie! I found some more whale friends!  I think they are so cute!!! Daddy Whale, Mama Whale, and Baby Whale, all stacked up on top of each other!

In case you get hungry, they have some good jams and jellies and marmalade and chutney...I am not sure what that is, but it looks good enough to eat!

Here's another "whale of a tale"

You know, if we could just "enjoy the little things" in life, we'd all be a lot happier!

Just like what this little devotional and Bible verse tells us:

Yes, on a day like today, I want to sing praises and rejoice! It was a good good day!!

I hope you had a good good day too!

Bye Bye for now!

Lily Grace


Lily Grace Lets Her Light Shine Too!

Oh my dear friends! I had quite the adventure yesterday!  But, first, Mommie wants to apologize for not communicating yesterday because our ...